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District of Columbia Foreclosure Market Data

Housing units (2009): 285,100
Total Number of Properties w/ Foreclosure Filings (2008): 4,200
Number of Properties w/ Foreclosure Filings (Oct. 2010): 295
Foreclosure Rate: 1 out of every 970 properties
Number of Foreclosure Sales (2010): 155
District of Columbia Median Foreclosure Sale Price (2010): $410,000
National Average Foreclosure Sales Price (2010): $171,400

Washington, DC is the capital of the United States and is located in the northeastern corner of the country. Spread out over approximately 68 square miles of land, the District of Columbia is bordered by the states of Virginia and Maryland. There are number options to choose from in the District of Columbia’s foreclosure market. The median foreclosure sales price in the District of Columbia is approximately $410,000. With over 290 properties that have recently received notices of foreclosure, the District of Columbia contains over 1,100 foreclosure homes that need to be sold.

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